(with Kindness and Knowledge)


  • Excited to discover how to calibrate your weight with kind, compassionate, and encouraging habits?
  • Want to learn how you can eat-more-to-weigh-less, so you can sustain your healthy weight forever?
  • Ready to give up yo-yo diets, guilt-ridden games, and addictive behavior?

After successfully counseling hundreds of clients, I know there are many myths and misconceptions that leave people confused and frustrated, struggling unnecessarily.

This eCourse will empower you with confidence to achieve your healthiest weight, using intelligent calibrating strategies with whole-foods!

  • Develop the confidence to choose mouth-watering whole foods and never feel deprived.
  • Learn to simplify food preparation for a busy life-style!
  • Understand how powerful a balanced whole-food intake is to calibrate your weight with the side benefits of disease prevention, and optimal health and vitality.

Ready to join others who’ve succeeded at achieving healthy weight?

“I finally stopped GAINING weight and started losing! For the past three years, I had actively been trying to lose weight. I’ve been trying any trick that didn’t cost me money. In the process, I had gained 60 lbs. I kept blaming my switch to an office job, then quitting smoking, then menopause. I thought vegans were just as fat as people eating meat and dairy, not knowing that whole foods were any different. I learned to see our food differently, and to deal with it differently.

I would like people to know that Victoria is encouraging for every step of the way. I will never regret taking the plunge and signing up for the program. I thought I would just lose weight, but I have an entirely new relationship with food that I will hold on to for the rest of my life.”

Jennifer Standring

Despite feeling that I am reasonably nutrition conscious, I gained a wealth of new knowledge in this course. I feel more confident in weeding out the misinformation and biases that filter through to us through advertising, labeling and the media. And the fact that I lost the weight I had hoped to lose was a bonus! 🙂

Donna M.

I have done a lot of reading & research on veganism & eating healthy, but I still learned new things! I think the average person would get even more out of this because I suspect a lot of this would be brand-new information for most folks. And then having someone who can oversee things & answer questions when you have them is so important in keeping motivation up! Also, I can’t overstate the value of having meal plans & grocery lists provided along with the advice.

Tanya Stalker

“The recipes were excellent, the information was all covered. Victoria is very knowledgeable and has a non-judgmental approach, working with me from where I was currently at with my food intake. She provided valuable resources from others, not just her own, and responded in a timely fashion.”

Teri Hall

“A year ago I was struggling with my health. I was trying unsuccessfully to lose weight and feeling discouraged. Working with Victoria was empowering and educational. I have lost weight and most importantly I feel so much better.”

Ruby Jean

“Whole-food eating may not be as difficult as I thought! Very informative and useful…and practical strategies I put to use immediately!”

Terri Tetz-Foss

I am learning a tremendous amount daily as I try and reflect and try again. It is a complete shift in my life and affecting my own health, my grandson’s health and two of my daughters! Thank you!!

Debra N.

“Previously my husband and I ate pretty poorly. It was inexpensive, easy and quick, which was great for our busy lifestyle. When we started working with Victoria she was a wonderful teacher and guide for us and our nutrition. It was a huge learning curve for us …and took some time to restock our fridge and cupboards. …we have both lost quite a bit of weight, have more energy and overall just feel great!”

Savanna and Jonathan

A FEW of the MANY TOPICS that will be covered:

  • the 3 calibrating strategies that will change your life forever
  • the top 7 foods to enjoy every week
  • time saving tips for busier than usual days
  • what to eat when you have to miss a meal
  • how to get what you need when you travel
  • reading labels
  • critical nutrients and the symptoms you could experience without them
  • simplifying food prep but still getting what you need
  • money saving strategies
  • gluten-freedom eating (for those who need gluten-free)
  • overcoming flatulence from beans
  • the why’s and how’s of bulk and pre-prep cooking
  • putting it all together in a do-able plan
  • incorporating spices & herbs for flavor and health
  • mindful eating habits of successfully slim people
  • super-foods; the myths and the facts
  • where to spend money on organics and what’s not necessary
  • omega 3’s from food, not supplements
  • where to get your calcium, your protein, your vitamin B12, etc


Interactive Virtual Classroom

  • Track your food intake daily in your virtual food journal!
  • Short tutorial modules you can read, listen, or watch daily or 1x week or at your convenience…your own pace!
  • 21 Express Meals (w/ tutorial audios and videos)
  • Blissful Belly Ferment eGuide
  • 9 Throw-together Meals for Super Stressful Days
  • Restaurant Eating Out eGuide
  • Q & A support with a nutritionist who has many years of experience helping people just like you!
  • Communicate with Victoria within your virtual classroom any time you’d like! Ask for more details about the module lesson, or get feedback on your food intake!


Self-Study with Support!
The short “health-bites” of information, the short audios and videos, will keep you inspired to make the best choices to do and feel your best!

Your own Food-Tracking Journal!
Stay committed and accountable by documenting your food choices. We know that documenting what we eat daily can help us to see where changes can be made. Victoria will teach you to be able to identify what you need to take away…and what you need to add to achieve a balanced plant-strong intake for your healthy weight! And …on completion, you’ll be able to easily assess your own intake, so you can make adjustments on your own!!

You can communicate with Victoria any time, night or day, by simply sending your questions via the virtual portal/classroom.

For example, you can ask Victoria:

  • to do an assessment and give you guidance on your food intake
  • where to find a specific ingredient
  • how to handle a particular social situation
  • what to feed a picky eater

…or, respond to questions that come up in the course material.

You will have the option to join a group forum in your virtual classroom where you can share and get support from others who are on the journey to healthy weight.

Inspiration & Fun!
Eating should be pleasurable as well as healthy. There will be a videos, audios, photos, quotes, stories, recipes, menu magic …and much more!!

This is the place you will learn and apply the healthy eating food foundation every person should know before we become adults, but unfortunately don’t for many. This is the stuff that should be taught in schools, in the home …without commercial bias. You’ll also develop the skills and strategies to be confident in the kitchen!

Habit Forming!
You’ll develop that habit of self-reflection that is kind, compassionate, and encouraging, as well as intelligent!


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Victoria Laine’s Whole-food Nutrition

Victoria Laine Whole-food Nutrition Profile


Hi, I'm Victoria Laine, whole-food educator, author, and health blogger.

My website is the home of all things delicious and nutritious, celebrating the pleasure of food and well-being.

You'll find recipes, menus, books, and courses, as well as private nutrition counseling for Celiac disease, inflammatory conditions, allergy eating, plant-based lifestyles, and more.

I'd love to hear from you if you have questions or suggestions!

The Story of “How Auntie Rhubarb Got Her Name”

Most people bring flowers to the graveside at a funeral.

When my Great Aunt left us a few years back, my 30 year old daughter adorned her graveside with a bouquet of rhubarb! This is the story of how Auntie Rhubarb got her name.

Sunshine and love filled my Great Aunt’s vibrant back yard on that warm sunny day back

When Vegan is Unhealthy!

Some people don’t believe a vegan intake is healthy.

As a nutritionist who’s eaten vegan for over 20 years (and written a book called Real-Life Vegan) I’m definitely here to say that we have solid scientific and anecdotal evidence that it absolutely can be.

But it also – absolutely can not be.

When Gluten-free is Unhealthy!

The grocery aisles are brimming with gluten-free packages of everything from crackers and cookies to cereal, bread, and frozen foods.

This might seem like good news for more than 1% of the Canadian population who deal with celiac disease, and the other tens of thousands who suffer from (non-celiac) gluten intolerance, however they could be doing more harm than good to their health, without even realizing it.

The Story of “How Auntie Rhubarb Got Her Name”

Most people bring flowers to the graveside at a funeral.

When my Great Aunt left us a few years back, my 30 year old daughter adorned her graveside with a bouquet of rhubarb! This is the story of how Auntie Rhubarb got her name.

Sunshine and love filled my Great Aunt’s vibrant back yard on that warm sunny day back

Fruit Crisp Crumble {oil-free, vegan + gluten-free}

Seasonal fruit or frozen, this easy crisp is a go-to for a delicious breakfast or dessert after a veggie bean soup or other light meal. If you’re using a tart fruit like rhubarb, consider pairing it with a sweeter fruit like mango or even dates or other dried fruit. No need for oil – there is plenty of natural fat in the nut or seed butter.

{3 Ingredient} GF Vegan Chocolate Peanut Butter Crunch

A chocolate and peanut butter combo craving led me to using an old recipe of my mom's, veganizing...

Victoria Laine, RHN, CHN

Victoria has helped hundreds of people overcome weight and health challenges. For years she struggled herself with excess weight, allergies, depression, and fatigue. Victoria has successfully coached CEO’s, firefighters, executives, mothers, teens, nurses, teachers, social workers, and many other busy people.

You are in the right place if…

….you want to learn how to choose consciously while enjoying deep pleasure with a wide variety of flavors, spices, herbs, textures, and sweet, savory, and pure enjoyment!

….you know that eating a whole-food, plant-strong intake is kindest not only for your own health and well-being (with so many personal benefits) but kindest for the planet and the animals too!

…you are tired of tolerating a inner voice that is negative and critical, and know it’s time to exchange that voice with a kinder, compassionate, encouraging voice that will become your life-long coach to really help you achieve success!

You are NOT in the right place if…

…you aren’t ready to make serious, compassionate, kind changes that will become new forever habits.

…you don’t eat vegetables, and don’t ever plan to.

…you want a crash course in super-fast weight loss results even if it isn’t sustainable.

What technology do I need to participate?

All you need is access to a computer, laptop, iPad, or other device that has internet (wifi) access.

How long will I have to complete the Calibrate Your Weight eCourse?

Access to this eCourse begins January 21, 2017 and is guaranteed until August 31, 2017. Most of the resources can be saved to your personal files to keep forever!

Are there quizzes or exams?

There are no scary exams! 😀

Calibrate Your Weight is an  eCourse with recommended (but optional) quizzes and Q&A’s to help reinforce learning, however it is always your choice whether or not you’d like to participate! If you enroll for the support option, Victoria will respond to your answers so you know you’re on the right track!

I have Celiac disease or gluten-intolerance, or allergies. Is this eCourse accomodating?

Victoria herself has celiac disease, and counsels clients on celiac disease, gluten intolerance, food sensitivities and allergies. So she is well aware of the challenges and yes, this eCourse is accommodating!

How does the eMail support work?

When you answer the questions at the end of each module, Victoria will read your responses and reply where appropriate. She will assess whether to provide further clarification by giving you the appropriate support and encouragement.

How does the Facebook forum work? Is it optional? Who can see it?

The modules will provide you with a very good foundation. It can be helpful to converse with others, but is completely optional. It provides sharing experiences, questions, and recipes. You’ll be provided a link for the group.

What if I need more support than the virtual classroom and Facebook group?

You are always welcome to contact Victoria about other program options, including private 1:1 nutrition counseling.



Grab a cup of your favorite beverage,
cozy up in your most comfy chair,

…and let the fun begin!



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I’m quite certain you will find this program very valuable, and as long as you participate I know you will benefit. However, if you complete every module and are not completely satisfied, I will happily refund your fee.


The Calibrate Your Weight e-Course covers much of what you’d receive as a private 1:1 nutrition client at a much lower price, with a similar success rate, because Victoria has the flexibility to communicate regularly with you at her convenience. Also, if you rely on expensive supplements you may realize significant savings by relying on food!


My passion is to inspire participants to enjoy delicious eating while gaining an understanding of the nutrition of food …and I know we’ll have fun!

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