Private 1-1 Nutrition CoachingTired of struggling with a bloated belly, heartburn, embarrassing gas, excess weight or disordered eating, constipation or an irritable bowel, that’s holding you back from living fully?


If you dream of having a calm, blissful belly, healthy weight, and vibrant energy, you’re in the right place…

I know what it’s like to watch your belly go from relatively normal to looking several months pregnant in a matter of hours, or suffering acid reflux that burns your throat so badly you think antacids are a new food group.

You can overcome your digestive distress, enjoy a calm tummy, healthy weight, and vibrant energy so you can live your life to the fullest.

What does a Private 1:1 Blissful Belly Personalized Program include?

Your private 1-to-1 nutrition consultation will include the following assessments and coaching, and possibly more:

  1. food and beverage assessment to discern potential deficiencies or excesses
  2. body symptom assessment to discern potential imbalances that need correction
  3. individualized and focused goal setting
  4. step-by-step action plan to help propel you forward with your health goals
  5. meal planning guidance and strategies
  6. delicious, easy recipes
  7. grocery shopping techniques and tips
  8. label reading know-how
  9. email check-ins between appointments

Phone, Skype, or FaceTime!
Now you can enjoy the convenience of Private 1-to-1 Nutrition Coaching with Victoria Laine where ever you are in the world! Avoid unnecessary travel for weekly appointments, saving time, money and hassle.

Some of my clients lead stressful lifestyles….

My clients include teachers, nurses, doctors, air traffic controllers, and busy parents with special needs children. I’ve been the nutritionist for The City of Edmonton Fire Fighters and despite a stressful lifestyle, their digestion and overall health improved. Over 15 years of coaching clients has taught me how to effectively and efficiently guide you with focused learning and do-able action steps.

Erin’s Success Story…a happy tummy!

I have had digestive problems for years including irritable bowel syndrome. I have also recently become vegan and wanted nutritional support to ensure I was getting the correct vitamins and minerals within my diet.

My digestive discomfort has impacted my ability to enjoy many social occasions as I have been “scared” to eat something too spicy, fatty or sweet in case my issues acted up while out. I also avoided eating out due to many unpleasant experiences. Now I know what food choices to make without causing major digestive issues. I am enjoying eating out again!

I really wanted to get my digestion back on track. I also wanted to eat a much more varied diet and get advice on how to be a balanced and healthy vegan. I felt listened to and supported. I really felt like a solid plan was made to get my issues figured out. I was unsure at first about how consulting over the phone would be but my hesitations were put to rest almost immediately.

I made changes immediately and am integrating a variety of new recipes, which my entire family enjoys. Over the past 12 weeks I am feeling better and better. I am eating a variety of foods and practicing food combining in order to improve my digestion. I am proud of the fact that I have gradually made changes that feel very do-able and good for me.

~ Erin Hart

Food should be appealing, delicious and satisfying, as well as nutritious….

The Northern Alberta Institute of Technology is one of the most prestigious culinary schools in the nation. I’ve had the honor of developing and teaching the whole-food nutrition curriculum for the Continuing Education program. I also developed the first menu for the Organic Roots Food Market in 2002, and am the author of several mouth-watering cookbooks. Let’s just say, I’m a “nutrition foodie!”

Fast track to the results you want now…

I’ve spent over 20 years and thousands of dollars in books and courses to learn the strategies, tips, techniques, and resources that I use to inspire and guide you to a healthier life. You may have the time, energy, and money to find the results the way I did, or, you may want to benefit from my experience (both personal and 15 years of helping others) and fast track your learning so you can get the results you want much more quickly.

You may have tried supplements, temporary detox diets, or medications that mask the symptoms. Now you want to get to the root of the cause (your diet). Are you ready to make the changes for a sustainable way of eating that supports your health and leaves your tummy happy and peaceful?


Symptoms are signs of our bodies’ distress, a message that something needs to change. Waiting to resolve these symptoms means risking more serious health conditions including inflammatory diseases, cancers, immune disorders, and an array of other health crises.


Ruby Jean’s Success Story

“A year ago I was struggling with my health. I was trying unsuccessfully to lose weight and feeling discouraged. I had been eating a vegan diet for years- but had developed a lot of unhealthy habits (eating late at night, relying on prepackaged products, consuming too much fat). When I was diagnosed with Celiac disease I was panicked. The idea of eating gluten free and vegan seemed completely overwhelming.

Working with Victoria was empowering and educational. Keeping a food journal and then having the chance to review it gave me a heightened awareness of my food choices. With Victoria’s help I learned to read food labels and understand how to manage my caloric intake.

A year later my skin has cleared up, I have lost weight and most importantly I feel so much better.”    – Ruby Jean

Read: more success stories here!

RISK FREE: Your complimentary 20-minute consultation will give you the opportunity to decide if working with me is a good fit, before you make a commitment.

If you’re ready to find solutions for your digestive discomfort and to improve your energy, I have limited appointments and look forward to hearing from you.

GO HERE> to fill in a contact form and tell us a bit about yourself and your goals, and include some possible availability times. You’ll be emailed a few time choices to chose from.

I look forward to guiding you toward some first steps you can take, or referring you other resources if there are reasons I may not be able to assist you.

Healthy Regards,

Victoria Laine

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Hi, I'm Victoria Laine, whole-food educator, author, and health blogger.

My website is the home of all things delicious and nutritious, celebrating the pleasure of food and well-being.

You'll find recipes, menus, books, and courses, as well as private nutrition counseling for Celiac disease, inflammatory conditions, allergy eating, plant-based lifestyles, and more.

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The Story of “How Auntie Rhubarb Got Her Name”

Most people bring flowers to the graveside at a funeral.

When my Great Aunt left us a few years back, my 30 year old daughter adorned her graveside with a bouquet of rhubarb! This is the story of how Auntie Rhubarb got her name.

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As a nutritionist who’s eaten vegan for over 20 years (and written a book called Real-Life Vegan) I’m definitely here to say that we have solid scientific and anecdotal evidence that it absolutely can be.

But it also – absolutely can not be.

When Gluten-free is Unhealthy!

The grocery aisles are brimming with gluten-free packages of everything from crackers and cookies to cereal, bread, and frozen foods.

This might seem like good news for more than 1% of the Canadian population who deal with celiac disease, and the other tens of thousands who suffer from (non-celiac) gluten intolerance, however they could be doing more harm than good to their health, without even realizing it.

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The Story of “How Auntie Rhubarb Got Her Name”

Most people bring flowers to the graveside at a funeral.

When my Great Aunt left us a few years back, my 30 year old daughter adorned her graveside with a bouquet of rhubarb! This is the story of how Auntie Rhubarb got her name.

Sunshine and love filled my Great Aunt’s vibrant back yard on that warm sunny day back

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