Tempeh Pecan Pate Wraps
Prep time:: 
Total time:: 
Serves:: 4-6 wraps
Variations abound…change up the pecans with either walnuts, cashews or sunflower seeds. Add a teaspooon of your favorite curry powder or paste. Add chopped greens like parsley, dill or cilantro. Replace dill pickles with other pickled veggies or olives. The possibilities are endless! Serve in a whole-grain wrap or in a fresh or steamed collard leaf!
  • 8 oz (454 g) pkg tempeh, pre-marinated (spiced, smoked or original)
  • ½ cup pecans, raw or dry roasted, chopped
  • 1 Tbsp light soy sauce or Braggs liquid soy
  • ½ cup chopped dill pickles (or olives)
  • ½ cup chopped celery, and/or bell peppers
  • 1-3.5 oz pkg alfalfa or mixed sprouts, (or 1 cup shredded spinach greens)
  • 6-8 whole grain wraps (tortilla shells or pitas)-or collard leaves (raw or lightly steamed, with stem removed)
  • Some store-bought tempeh is sold ready-to-eat and pasteurized, especially those that are pre-marinated, but some tempeh needs to be cooked first before using. If cooking is required, it can be steamed, poached, baked, grilled, pan-fried, etc.
  1. OPTIONAL: Lightly toast raw nuts/seeds in a pre-heated toaster oven at 350ºF or a dry cast iron fry pan for about 3-4 minutes. (Watch carefully as they can burn easily…better yet, use the timer!)
  2. Grate tempeh with a hand grater (coarse side) or in a food processor with the grate blade. Transfer to a medium bowl and add the chopped nuts, soy sauce, pickles, celery and/or peppers. Mix well with a wooden spoon or clean hands.
  3. Make individual wraps with either warmed tortillas shells or pitas. You can warm tortillas a variety of ways. Microwave 1 or 2 at a time for 10 seconds, or heat a heavy fry pan (medium heat) and place each shell in the pan for only about 30 seconds, flipping it to the other side for a few seconds also. Repeat with each shell, filling one while warming the next. Or, you can remove them from the package and place the whole package on a large sheet of foil. Bring ends of foil together to make a package, and place in a pre-heated (400ºF) oven or toaster oven for about 10-15 minutes.
  4. NOTE: Some shells and pitas are fresh and pliable enough to avoid warming.
  5. Fill each tortilla, pita, or collard leaf with both the tempeh pate filling and some sprouts or greens.
  6. Serve immediately or as soon as possible, as filling will eventually make the wrap soggy. (Or line the wrap with large spinach leaves which acts as a moisture barrier helping to reduce or eliminate the soggy factor.
Recipe by Victoria Laine | Whole-Food Nutrition at https://victoria-laine.com/tempeh-pecan-pate-wraps/