I’ve demoed this 3-ingredient recipe numerous times since my first book Health By Chocolate  was released.  It’s such a quick recipe, with no baking required that it has become one of the first I reach for when I need a quick birthday or anniversary cake.  In fact I’ve molded it into a “5” and a “0” for a dear friends 50th…no cake pan required.  Recipe below…

3 ingredient no-bake Valentine cake

Raw Chocolate Pecan Valentine Cake

In a food processor add 2 cups raw pecans with 2 cups pitted dates.  Process until it reaches a dough-like consistancy, usually about 2 minutes.  Dust a serving plate with a sprinkle of quick oats or coconut flakes to prevent cake from sticking to the plate. Sprinkle a bit more on a clean counter and with clean hands mold the dough into a heart shape (or any other). Melt about 3/4 cup dark 70% (or higher cocoa content) chocolate and spread over cake.  You can leave as is or garnish with pecans halves, strawberries, candied ginger, edible flowers…Let chocolate set (fridge or freezer if in a hurry).  Enjoy!

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