Don’t buy $7 cauliflower and $5 organic cucumbers, especially in the winter when the price is inflated, if you can’t afford to. Just because bloggers and paleo followers have popularized cauliflower, doesn’t mean it’s any more a super-food than kale was last year. It’s’ great when a delicious, nutritious vegetable or fruit that people have overlooked finally gets some recognition but if it’s no longer affordable, don’t sweat it. We can get plenty of cauliflowers nutrients in more affordable veggies.

There are soooo many other vegetables we can buy in the winter, there is just no need to use your food dollars for the most popular produce. Go with the less popular and keep those funds for other things. For example: rutabaga, jiccima, kohlrabi, turnip, daikon, cabbage (purple or green), kale, beets, brussel sprouts, squash, carrots, and more! And don’t overlook frozen vegetables and fruits in the winter that are flash frozen and in many cases retain more nutrients than their fresh counterpart that is shipped for days to the great frozen north.

Last week I bought a frozen bag of brussel sprouts to roast (in a tiny bit of coconut oil, sprinkled with salt) that were just as delicious as fresh, at one third of the price. Check out this recipe!

Cucumbers, by the way, are mostly made up of water and make a fantastic veg for the hot summer months, but while tasty, completely unnecessary in the winter when the prices are sky high.


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