No more gallbladder disease, anxiety, and more energy!

“This past year has been a roller coaster! Finding out that I was allergic to gluten, dairy, eggs and casein protein was overwhelming to say the least! I researched a ton online and through books but everything was so contradicting and confusing.

For the past 8 weeks I have worked with Victoria on getting myself back on track and it has been the most rewarding gift I could have given myself. She has helped me correct false information, she has shared an abundance of knowledgeable information and has helped me gain back my confidence and a love for food!

Her recipes are quick, easy, very tasty and most importantly nutritious! I recommend her to everyone!!!”

- Erin G.

Energy gain, and brain clarity, and weight regulation, by implementing the foundations of whole-food, plant-strong nutrition.

“I feel so much better! I have much more energy. I can think clearly because my brain is working much better which gives me confidence. I’ve lost 16lbs in 14 weeks.

The individual lessons for the private 1:1 program were very useful in helping me understand how to take step-by-step actions based on what I needed specifically to achieve balance to overcome my health challenges.

Victoria is non-judgmental and I appreciate your encouragement and generous sharing of your extensive knowledge. I love using FaceTime each week and will continue to use the materials you provided.

Thank you for your wonderful advice, helpful info, and encouragement!”

- Patty Harrigan

Learning to reduce high blood sugar and blood pressure to feel so much better! 

“This private program was phenomenal!

I learned so much and it was very helpful in consistently lowering my elevated blood sugar and blood pressure. With the weekly 1:1 learning and attention I feel better and look better (so I’m told).”

- Diane Anderson

Ellen’s Happy-Heart-Health Story!

“With a heavy heart I came back from my first visit to the cardiologist with news of a blockage in a coronary artery and probable need of a stent to be put in. With no insurance and no large stash of cash for surgery, I was dismayed. What can I do? I contacted Victoria and got her bubbly, encouraging response telling me that there was great hope through a plant-based diet!

Doctors have been stopping and often reversing heart disease through a whole foods, plant-based diet, she said. I was in!

Two months later being on the doctor’s plan, I am 10 pounds lighter, my EKG shows no problems, and my insulin resistance has subsided. I have no food cravings, lightheadedness, and my arthritis is minimal. And I never have a need to nap anymore.

Plant food heals!!! Thank you, Victoria, for leading me down this healthy path!”

~ Ellen Serrano

An entire new relationship with food!

“I finally stopped GAINING weight and started losing! For the past three years, I had actively been trying to lose weight. I’ve been trying any trick that didn’t cost me money. In the process, I had gained 60 lbs. I kept blaming my switch to an office job, then quitting smoking, then menopause. I thought vegans were just as fat as people eating meat and dairy, not knowing that whole foods were any different. I learned to see our food differently, and to deal with it differently.

I would like people to know that Victoria’s is encouraging for every step of the way. I will never regret taking the plunge and signing up for the program. I thought I would just lose weight, but I have an entirely new relationship with food that and I will hold on to for the rest of my life.”

- Jennifer Standring

From overwhelmed to glowing skin, weight loss, and more vitality!

“A year ago I was struggling with my health. I was trying unsuccessfully to lose weight and feeling discouraged. I had been eating a vegan diet for years- but had developed a lot of unhealthy habits (eating late at night, relying on prepackaged products, consuming too much fat).

When I was diagnosed with Celiac disease I was panicked. The idea of eating gluten free and vegan seemed completely overwhelming. Working with Victoria was empowering and educational. Keeping a food journal and then having the chance to review it gave me a heightened awareness of my food choices. With Victoria’s help I learned to read food labels and understand how to manage my caloric intake. A year later my skin has cleared up, I have lost weight and most importantly I feel so much better.” 

~ Ruby Jean

Learning to eat healthfully, well worth the effort!

“Previously my husband and I ate pretty poorly. It was inexpensive, easy and quick, which was great for our busy lifestyle. But we realized this may have to do with our lack of energy which made our busy lifestyle hard to keep up with.

When we started working with Victoria she was a wonderful teacher and guide for us and our nutrition. It’s not about the calories…we need to focus on the natural and whole foods that we should be putting into our bodies to fuel us each day.

It was a huge learning curve for us …and took some time to restock our fridge and cupboards with foods that we should be having. It’s been over 16 weeks now of having Victoria’s guidance and we have both lost quite a bit of weight, have more energy and overall just feel great! The biggest wow moment was when we did fall off the path at times and ate the way we used to for a couple of days and its unbelievable how tired and terrible we felt. It’s amazing to see that if you rid your body of the processed foods and then try to have them again, your body is basically telling you that it doesn’t like it.

We had our first child one year ago and it was very important to us that we change our ways to healthy ones, to be good role models for our son and to also be sure that he is eating what is best for him and that he gets everything he needs. The greatest feeling is knowing that I am fueling my baby boy with unprocessed healthy foods!!

~ Savanna Verheson

Weight Loss and Increased Energy …with ease and confidence!

“Back in October we decided Joe and I needed to take more responsibility for our health and the food we eat. I decided though, that making a drastic diet change, sticking to it and doing it well is tough!  We decided to work with Victoria over a 4 month period to make the transition.  While it is a financial investment, we decided it was worth it for the type of world we want to live in (sustainable!) and also that we’d rather pay a nutritionist now than for hospital fees when we’re older!

After some initial consultations with Victoria, Joe and I decided we wanted to move as close to veganism as possible, while maintaining a flexible lifestyle.  For us we knew there would be times when a social situation might necessitate us eating meat/dairy (ie: visiting a friend for dinner) or there might be occasions where we *really* wanted to eat animal foods (ie: Thanksgiving dinner).  We initially decided that we would be ‘vegan’ on weekdays and be ‘open’ to eating meat on the weekends (but we definitely have not eaten meat every weekend, it’s actually been incredibly rare that we’ve made that choice.)

We discovered that eating vegan is way easier than I thought!  In the past, when I heard someone was a vegan I’d think they were crazy.  What did they eat?  How did they cook?  I’ve been surprised at the relative ease of the transition.

Working with a nutritionist is necessary (at least for us)!  I’ve learned so much about omega 3’s, probiotics, fibre, etc.  I don’t think I would be eating healthy, or have stuck with it, without her.  It’s very easy to eat unhealthily as a vegan or non-vegan and not get all your nutrients.  Working with Victoria has made me healthier, probably than I’ve ever been!
We both feel great!  I can’t even describe it fully (besides the obvious increased energy).  Everything just feels better.  After a day of eating my old/regular diet on Christmas, the next morning I was like…get me back on my new foods!

Joe lost 32 pounds in 2 months.  I lost 12 pounds.  Yeah!!!  But never once have we focused on that.  It’s just a natural side effect. My tastes have changed!  I’ve discovered how sweet some fruit and veggies are, how much I love a good salad, that dates are great, and that popcorn is still my guilty pleasure. Food is more delicious than it’s ever been! And on that point, vegan food can HONESTLY be so delicious! “

~ Cadence and Joe

A Happy Tummy!

“I have had digestive problems for years including irritable bowel syndrome. I have also recently become vegan and wanted nutritional support to ensure I was getting the correct vitamins and minerals within my diet.

My digestive discomfort has impacted my ability to enjoy many social occasions as I have been “scared” to eat something too spicy, fatty or sweet in case my issues acted up while out. I also avoided eating out due to many unpleasant experiences. Now I know what food choices to make without causing major digestive issues. I am enjoying eating out again!

I really wanted to get my digestion back on track. I also wanted to eat a much more varied diet and get advice on how to be a balanced and healthy vegan. I felt listened to and supported. I really felt like a solid plan was made to get my issues figured out. I was unsure at first about how consulting over the phone would be but my hesitations were put to rest almost immediately.

I made changes immediately and am integrating a variety of new recipes, which my entire family enjoys. Over the past 12 weeks I am feeling better and better. I am eating a variety of foods and practicing food combining in order to improve my digestion. I am proud of the fact that I have gradually made changes that feel very do-able and good for me.”

~ Erin Hart

Relief from Psoriasis!

I have had psoriasis for most of my life.  During the last 10 years I have experienced an increase in the severity of the disease.  I was covered with severe psoriasis from my waist to my feet. It was so bad I could not sleep at night because of the pain and there was also tissue swelling and severe itching and a lot of bleeding. My skin was so thin it would break from a slight rub.

After 20 years of conventional medical treatments; UVA/UVB light treatments, creams and ointments, and drugs (with devastating results), I was about to give up.

I was recommended to see Victoria for nutrition counseling.  Since my first consultation with Victoria, I have seen a dramatic improvement of my psoriasis, my overall health and my state of mind.   Now that my skin has healed up, I can sleep at night, the swelling has gone down and I feel so much better. This happened in just over a month under the guidance of Victoria.

I find Victoria knowledgeable about all aspects of nutrition. I am so glad I found her and would recommend her to anyone who is interested in healing or improving their health.

~ Sharon Davies

Cholesterol down and energy up!

“I am very pleased to relate my wonderful experience with adopting a vegetarian lifestyle in response to my high cholesterol. My total cholesterol was 9.6 and my bad cholesterol(LDL) was 6.3. I immediately stopped my 8 cups of coffee a day and dropped meat and dairy products.

Working with Victoria I began eating a balanced vegetarian diet with some fish, and exercising. In only 6 weeks I reduced my total cholesterol by 35% and my bad cholesterol by 43%. My doctor was shocked and had to admit my lifestyle change was positive.

As a consequence I have also shed 17 pounds and still losing! Eating healthy is a joy and I sleep like a log, have lots of energy and I have my sights on many more decades of healthy LIVING!”

~ Kevin

Making strides in healthy eating!

“Pardon the pun, but Victoria has all the right “ingredients” for being the perfect nutrition coach.  Her vast knowledge in the field makes her an invaluable resource, while her gentleness, empathy and humor helped immensely in my getting over the hurdles of changing my eating habits. 

Victoria has a way of being honest about the changes you need to make, while always being extremely supportive and understanding.  I am so grateful for all her help.  I’d high recommend her for her wide array of skills and professional yet friendly manner.”

~ Lorene Ryhard

Scrambled GPS with Cancer Diagnosis!

“Having recently been told “you have cancer” certainly caused my internal GPS to be temporarily scrambled! After the initial shock, I dedicated myself “to do my part” along with my health care team. I read everything I could about nutrition for overcoming cancer, some of which I found confusing and contradictory. With my GPS still trying to unscramble itself, I made a consultation appointment.

By working with Victoria and using the invaluable resources she provided me, I was able to customize an action plan that works for me! Victoria’s nutritional advice has been a key element in getting clear, taking control and moving forward!

Now I have my game plan to manage and support my body and soul with a holistic approach through each treatment.”

~ Sonya Buys

Eating breakfast and  gained confidence!

I especially appreciated the “quick fix” meals and “energy breakfasts”. I often found it difficult to eat well in the morning.  Now I know numerous healthy, quick and delicious meals to start my day.

All the information is beneficial and I feel more confident in making informed choices about my diet.

~ Kyla Rutley

Tools to prevent illness and restore vitality!

Victoria’s course provided me with tools to prevent possibilities of future illness and restore vitality to my life.  Thank you!

~ Leslie Crawford

Lost weight and gained energy!

Victoria helped me learn to take responsibility for my own health by teaching me label reading, whole food cooking – trying new foods, goal setting and keeping a food journal. I feel much better, lost weight and gained energy. Victoria guided me to whole health!

~ Pauline

After one therapeutic yoga session, I was able to eliminate my medication!

I developed back problems about 5 years ago. After endless physio and massage therapy I finally had surgery. The surgeon told me I would have back pain for the rest of my life. My family doctor prescribed me two different types of medication. The medication worked well but, I didn’t want to take it for the rest of my life.

I ran into a friend who suggested I take up yoga. I wondered how yoga could help me but I was willing to try anything. After one therapeutic yoga session with Victoria I was able to eliminate my medication. I started doing the yoga routine every day and was surprised how quickly I stayed pain free. Even If had to miss a few days, the pain didn’t come back. I look forward to my yoga routine every day. I am extremely grateful that I was able to find a natural way to control my pain.

~ Sharon K.

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The Story of “How Auntie Rhubarb Got Her Name”

Most people bring flowers to the graveside at a funeral.

When my Great Aunt left us a few years back, my 30 year old daughter adorned her graveside with a bouquet of rhubarb! This is the story of how Auntie Rhubarb got her name.

Sunshine and love filled my Great Aunt’s vibrant back yard on that warm sunny day back

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