Have you ever struggled with your weight? Most of us have at one time or another. For me, it was after the birth of my last child. Weight challenges from excessive over indulgences don’t happen in isolation. There are always deeper reasons why we get into a habit of overeating. During the time I gained excess weight and recognized it had become a problem, I was also struggling with postpartum depression, allergies, inflammation, and fatigue. All of these conditions were symptoms of poor nutrition.

Somehow in our society weight gain is related to poor nutrition, yet depression, fatigue, gut and digestive problems, and other symptoms are isolated as “medical conditions” that we become resigned to as just part of life’s challenges…when in fact they are symptoms of nutrition imbalance that can often be resolved quickly and easily with food shifts, and the “side-effect” or outcome of resolving system imbalances is healthy weight.

Holistically minded nutritionists help identify nutrient deficiencies and excesses to aid efficient transition to vibrant living!

Here are 3 of the top strategies that are consistently listed by those who feel a strong sense of healthy weight control.

Tip #1 – Menu Plan:

Without exception this is the empowerment that can change your life. How do you know if the effort of planning is worth the time and effort? You won’t know until you experience it. Try to commit to 4 weeks of menu planning to give it a fair chance. You’re likely to start seeing the benefits within the first few weeks.

Tip #2 – Food Tracking:

If you just can’t bring yourself to menu plan, then write down what you’re eating. Several things happen when you do this. First, you become accountable to yourself. You see where you might be missing some essential foods and nutrients (or you can hire a nutritionist to help you identify them.) Secondly, there is extra thought put into eating something we know we’re going to have to put in writing. Thirdly, we start to see patterns of behavior, for example: when we are shorted on sleep, we might recognize that we consume more sugar the following days.

Tip #3 – Make it Plant Powered:

A plant-powered or completely vegan diet isn’t a guarantee for weight loss because there can still be macro-nutrient imbalances, however plant-powered intakes, when whole-food focused are rich in dietary fiber, anti-oxidants, and energy building nutrients, so are known for building a foundation for healthy weight.

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