Some people don’t believe a vegan intake is healthy.

As a nutritionist who’s eaten vegan for over 20 years (and written a book called Real-Life Vegan) I’m definitely here to say that we have solid scientific and anecdotal evidence that it absolutely can be.

But it also – absolutely can not be.

Confused yet? Let me explain!

I’m writing this blog to echo the concerns of parents and other family members for vegans who aren’t eating a healthy vegan intake, putting them at risk for dis-ease.

What is veganism?

Technically, this can be vegan intake:

And this too can make up a vegan intake:

And all of these are also vegan:

It might be obvious to you that these are not examples of a healthy intake for anyone, but to the compassionate animal lovers who are eating vegan because their hearts are reeling in pain from witnessing animal suffering, it might not be obvious.

Or, they might not be convinced that it matters.

In my 20 years as a nutritionist, I have seen numerous animal activists whose vegan intake has not served them in the long run: who’ve become sick, anemic, deficient, and failed to continue.

I’ve long heard vegans who say – “It’s about the animals! It doesn’t matter what I eat, as long as it’s not causing animal suffering.”

To which I reply:

To vegans seeking to spread the word about animal suffering who want to be able to live a sustained vegan lifestyle and influence others:

Thank you for your advocacy for a more compassionate world!

The future of humanity is bright because of people like yourself who want to live in a world where animals don’t suffer, and our environment isn’t being destroyed by cruel and unnecessary animal food production.

If you want to be an influential vegan, one who radiates the inner-light of peace and compassion, helping others become conscious in their daily choices…please consider how important it is to practice the same love and respect for your own body, as you do for your animal friends.

Our bodies are meant to eat whole-foods, as nature intended. Keep in mind that food is the raw material for every cell in our body. What we put in our body really does matter.

If you’re buying protein powder, or multi-vitamins, or omega supplements, in an attempt to make up for your junk-food diet, it’s never going to work.

Instead, focus on eating whole-foods primarily. Ensure the majority of your caloric intake each day is from whole grains and beans, with veggies, fruits, nuts and seeds.

Sure, our bodies’ might be able to handle a small amount of empty vegan calorie indulgences occasionally but being honest with ourselves about how much of our intake is from whole-food sources and how much from empty calories or low nutritive processed foods is key to lasting health.


Enjoy all of your favorites – fries, pizza, burgers, popcorn, and sweet treats…whole-food style!

  • Instead of deep fried french fries that are soaked with damaging oils, eat “fries” made from potatoes that haven’t been peeled, baked in the oven.
  • Instead of pizza made from white refined flour crust and oil-based vegan cheeze, find or make a whole-grain crust, load it with veggies, and drizzle with a whole-food nut-based cheeze, or shredded smoked tofu.
  • Same with pasta. Use whole-grain pasta with a whole-food nut-based cheeze sauce, and veggies.
  • Instead of processed veggie burgers with white buns, enjoy a whole-bean burger with a whole-grain bun, and a delicious veggie salad or veggie sticks on the side.
  • Instead of movie popcorn that is typically made with damaging oils, make your own air-popped organic popcorn with a tiny amount of melted coconut oil and whole-salt or spices.
  • And avoid or minimize all of the refined, highly processed toxic sugar by making your own soda with fruit juice and fizzy water or iced herbal tea sweetened with fruit juice or maple syrup.
  • Use fresh and dried fruits instead of candy to curb your sweet tooth, because instead of leaving your body with empty calories and organ distress, they will fill you up with nutrition-packed whole sweetness!
  • Vegan desserts, from cheezecake to pie, made with the sweetness and richness of nuts and seeds and fruit is an excellent way to satisfy nutrient requirements and pleasure needs.
  • And if you’re a chocolate lover like I am seek out treats made with cacao beans or cacao powder, sweetened naturally with dried fruits, maple sugar, or coconut blossom nectar. For example, Zazubean has these vegan chocolate bars sweetened with coconut sugar.

Here’s to a healthy, happy, delicious vegan life!!


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