Mixed-eating family? Tempeh, tofu, chicken, beef or pork? … Avocado or cheese?… Creamy Garlic Dip or sour cream? This Freedom Fajita can be served with the rainbow of colored bell peppers and onions, and whatever other fillings you need to please your crowd. GLUTEN-FREE: Use gluten-free tortillas wraps and tempeh. Avoid seiten (made from wheat).

Freedom Fajitas
Serves:: 8 Servings
Prep time:: 
Cook time:: 
Total time:: 
  • 8 whole grain tortilla wraps/shells (GF: purchase or make gluten-free wraps)
  • 2 Tbsp water or veggie broth
  • 2 large onions (preferably sweet)
  • 3 large red, yellow and orange bell peppers (1 of each color), can substitute frozen
  • 1 Tbsp coconut or olive oil (or spray oil)
  • 8oz (225g) pkg pre-marinated tempeh, (I like smoked)
  • 2 Tbsp lime juice
  • 2 small avocados, sliced
  • 6-8 Tbsp salsa (your heat choice)*

    Some store-bought shells are fresh enough to fold without breaking. Some need to be warmed slightly to fold without breaking. There are (at least) three ways to warm shells: 1/ Place the required amount of shells in a foil package, making sure not to expose any of the wrap. 2/ In a warmed heavy dry fry pan, place individual shells for about 30 seconds, flipping for another several seconds until warm. Fill and wrap immediately, while the next shell warms. 3/ Microwave individually for 5-10 seconds.

  3. Slice tempeh or tofu into strips about the thickness of a chopstick, leaving them the length of the slab.
  4. Peel onions and slice in half, then cut lengthwise into approximately ½” strips.
  5. Cut bell peppers in half, clean seeds and membrane away, and slice each half into ½” strips.
  6. If using avocado, cut into slices.
  7. Assemble salsa and other topping options.
  8. Add water or broth to a heavy deep pan. Over medium-high heat, quick-fry onions for about 1 minute, adding peppers. Stir constantly until veggies are tender crisp, not too soft. Transfer from pan to a large bowl.
  9. Lightly spray or brush oil to coat pan. Add the tofu or tempeh strips. Stir fry until browned and crispy. Add the lime juice and place a lid on pan. Turn off the heat.

  11. Assemble individual fajitas by placing warmed shells on table or counter top. Evenly distribute the crispy tofu or tempeh, the onion and bell pepper mixture, salsa, avocado, and optional sauce on each shell. *If you like more spice, add a splash of hot sauce.
  12. Wrap tightly by folding sides into the center. Then fold the bottom and top, securing the filling. Serve immediately.