newbeanFor the past seven Decembers since my first book, Health By Chocolate was published I’ve introduced chocolate loving readers to a recipe that has become world famous! My Healthy Turtle Bon Bons (pg.91 for those who own the book.) are chewy, crunchy, and a delicious blend of caramel and chocolate with pecans. Sound familiar?

From the national newspaper article …to the German doctor asking permission to republish it in his sports nutrition book ….to the latest email from a women I met last year in Mexico who writes “I’ve served your chocolate turtles to many happy eaters here!” …to the many unsuspecting samplers at book signings and workshops …chocolate lovers’ are always pleasantly surprised and then delighted to learn they can make these themselves in a matter of minutes!Healthy Turtle Bonbons

Why have my Healthy Turtle Bon Bons become so popular?

There are a few key reasons why I believe Healthy Turtle Bon Bons have become such a hit:

  • easy peasy – only 3 ingredients!
  • flavor and texture …not only as good as their commercial counterparts …but many have exclaimed they “love them even better than the real ones.”
  • instead of feeling sugar-buzzed …you’ll feel calm, indulged, and maybe even a little sexy! (why not…that’s what sells now, right?!)
  • you can make up a batch and refrigerate…(in fact the coolness of refrigeration provides an even nicer chewiness to the carmel flavored dates.)
  • – there are many more virtues I could post about this Turtle Love…but I recommend trying them for yourself…then you can send me your own swooney email… (or better yet, post it down in the comments section here!)

So as the holiday approaches, do yourself and family a favor. Avoid the confectionary TURTLES [Ingredients: SUGAR, PECANS, GLUCOSE, MODIFIED MILK INGREDIENTS, COCOA BUTTER, COCOA MASS, MODIFIED PALM OIL, LACTOSE, SALT, SOYA LECITHIN, ARTIFICIAL AND NATURAL FLAVOUR] … and choose the delicious whole-food indulgence version instead. Your taste buds, your teeth, your hormones, …your whole body, will thank you for it!IMG_0690

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